In Tmall, want to sell the goods and want to fake brand one more Lancome

January 13, 2015, Tmall high-end beauty ushered in nineteenth brands: Lancome, the L’OREAL group is the exclusive cooperation after Biotherm and L’OREAL, Tmall into the third brands, but the 8 month interval.

in May 2014, Estee Lauder and Lancome as the first settled in Tmall. According to the data of Tmall eleven, Estee Lauder in the Tmall double shopping carnival, sales of more than 25 million of the total number of.

in the face of many brands in the amazing sales double eleven, more and more brands ready to become full of worries. According to the relevant person in charge said that the current cooperation with Tmall to discuss the beauty makeup brand has been discharged to the end of the year. This year, almost every month there will be a high-end brand settled. read more

Make the most of Taobao’s promotion plan to double your income

first to explain Taobao customer promotion plan, the vast majority of businesses and shops have launched one or several plans, you usually do not apply for promotion plan, use the default is the general promotion business, general plan into proportion is relatively low. For example, we are very familiar with the Han clothing is currently launched three promotion plan, a general promotion plan is divided into the proportion of average is about 5%, the other one is for the strength of the big Tao launched the "high commission Kim Taobao plans to return into the average ratio of 15%, the last one for the three grade Taobao drill off the launch of the" 26%VIP plan "into proportion reached about 26%, obviously, if you apply for other promotion plan, the income will be explosive expansion, the following screenshot for the Han Douyi house promotion plan list for reference, not for advertising, just let you know brother Amoy promotion plan. read more

The Jingdong then stalls big trouble the famous writer 66 buy rotten fruit merchants exclusions

with the development of the Internet and logistics, we have been able to buy more and more things on the Internet, and even some fresh products. As everyone knows, high requirements on the storage environment of fresh products, so these products will be put to sell electricity, but also ensure freshness? Recently, a famous female writer in 66 by the Jingdong WeChat push ordered mangosteen orchard every day, did not think it has caused a series of problems and distress.

recently, @ 66 in micro-blog, the Jingdong set himself in the mangosteen, price more than and 200, sent home after the discovery of horrendous rotten. Followed by 66 will require the return of Jingdong, the results were rejected. 66 furious intolerable, select the event announced on their micro-blog, after half an hour, every orchard and the Jingdong have active contact 66, negotiation refund. read more

Confirmed cross-border electricity supplier clearance policy will be postponed for a year to impleme

news May 25th, Henan bonded group president Xu Ping to the "world network" confirmed a formal written notice of cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal has received a one-year reprieve. There has been a number of cross-border electricity supplier practitioners to the "world network" said received verbal notice will be suspended for one year the implementation of the new deal ".


"network operators in the world to get the display", "the transition period, continue to be supervised according to the new tax policy before the implementation of the regulatory requirements in the pilot city, the online shopping bonded goods’ line ‘into the areas under special customs supervision or the bonded logistics center (B) is not single clearance verification, not the implementation of" cross-border e-commerce retail imports list "remarks on infant formula milk powder, cosmetics, medical equipment, special food (including health food, formula foods for special medical purposes etc.) for the first time the import license, registration or filing requirements." read more

Business slobber war behind the chaos by abacus

N years later, when the electricity supplier pattern when the dust settles, the surviving electricity supplier chiefs might judge in August 15, 2012 electricity price war, "price fraud made some fine, but the effect of advertising and traffic growth so the effect is immeasurable!"

, according to media reports, the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau of the recent electricity supplier "price war" investigation, preliminary investigation that the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau, the price war in the process, the electricity supplier promotional behavior suspected of original fiction, consumer fraud. Development and Reform Commission will be punished according to law, but there is no specific conclusions and the amount of fines. read more

VANCL aged CEO no meaning of the word VANCL

southwest of Beijing fourth ring edge spark technology building, is a not a luxury office, where the business atmosphere, unlike the eastern CBD region so prosperous. VANCL (VANCL) was established, which is meant to rent half a floor, then something based on confidence and expectations, they rented the entire 20 floor. Later, and rented a 8 layer, and then later, and rented a part of the 5 and the 7…… I say, they don’t know the development of the company so quickly, and in those simple crowded office area, appeared everywhere with a special start-up speed and vitality, all simple and full of infinite possibilities. read more

After the acquisition of domain Netflix gorgeous turn hidden huge benefits

April 2nd, according to foreign media reports, Netflix recently purchased the domain name, when the user login to the domain name, the system will automatically jump to Netflix why the acquisition of DVD’s performance so much interest because the Netflix optimistic about the future of DVD, the data show: DVD brought net profit in the last fourth years, up to $200 million.

although Netflix acquisition of domain name, but Netflix will provide a dedicated website for DVD enthusiasts to meet their needs. Netflix acquisition of the move, which means that Netflix to further the streaming media service and download separately. read more

Investment in the electricity supplier deceive more than 6 thousand people cheated out of 2 billion

CFP for map

police show a company for illegal fund-raising of a variety of health food. Guangzhou Daily reporter Mo Weinong photo

Guangdong police "sword No. 2" case since 35 involved in illegal fund-raising, about 4 billion yuan

in the first half, the province cracked 175 cases of illegal fund-raising. Among them, the "2 sword" action case since 35, involving about 4 billion yuan.

beware, the so-called "investment in cross-border electricity supplier may be illegal fund-raising! Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau held a guard against illegal fund-raising crime" sword No. 2 "action conference. Reporters learned that the latest modus operandi of illegal fund-raising has been involved in Internet innovation projects, cross-border electricity supplier as bait. To lure investors, illegal fund-raising companies even have spent heavily to invite famous economists, held tall on the pretext of "economic forum, Internet plus" lobby. At the same time, the participation of the masses from the masses to the diversified development, and even some small business owners have been fooled. read more

Sogou link unit Sogou theme promotion business guide

Since the establishment of

Sogou alliance, has launched a Sogou link unit, Sogou theme promotion, Sogou API advertising and Sogou search traffic cooperation search advertising alliance business. Sogou alliance advertising products to enrich the style of advertising and accurate content matching, as well as the lower site access threshold, access to many owners of all ages, and has become one of the important sources of income in many sites.

I search Alliance ( as the official agent of the first coalition Sogou, long been engaged in Sogou link unit, Sogou theme promotion. Currently I search through the coalition to put the site Sogou business has nearly 500, the average daily coverage of the site PV over 15 million, and in 2011 to get the best cooperation channel Sogou award. I searched the alliance in the long term to promote the accumulation of a wealth of operational experience, the following special sorting out the link unit and the theme of the promotion of some of the information, I hope to have been a little help to the cooperation or cooperation. read more

Closed Jingdong UNIQLO flagship store, 4 questions left

no matter for UNIQLO, or Jingdong, is not a good thing.

April 8th, Liu Qiangdong settled himself UNIQLO Jingdong platform.

only in the past 3 months, at 0:00 on July 20th, UNIQLO officially closed shop in the Jingdong’s flagship store.

since the end of January 2015 and the start of the project, opened in April, the preparatory period also lasted 3 months. In the meantime, in view of the warehousing cooperation way and the business demand, both sides have completed from the software to the hardware series of custom and the transformation work. Jingdong provide warehousing and distribution services to support the UNIQLO, also opened a 10 thousand square meters of exclusive warehouse. The two sides also said that the implementation of stock cooperation nationwide as soon as possible. read more

Wine and music as sports network to enlarge trick Ecological flavor posters confidential

after the liquor vertical electric providers thrown their network marketing, billion target red gimmick, or network network will jointly release music as sports ecological big move! Yesterday, the official network network continuously thrown two posters, a puzzle "how to drink a beer flavor and the pre birth state?" said, tomorrow will subvert "taste, taste" shock ". Obviously, network network will once again to music as subversive gesture attack. There has been no official statement, in the end how to feed the network network all over the world "by the Internet and industry focus. read more

Jing Teng plan to reach new heights of Jingdong gains awards, the Great Wall awards two awards

recently, with the ninth gold investment in International Creative Festival and the twenty-third session of the China International Advertising Festival have been closed, the award of the 2016 annuity award and the Chinese advertising the Great Wall prize winners also officially announced. The Jingdong "Jing Teng lect program help SK-II to achieve product effect one full network marketing case with creative multi media integrated marketing mode and the value of big data mining deeply, to conquer the two award judges, gains were the awards of" digital media integration – effect marketing "Silver Award and the the Great Wall" media marketing Award "silver award. read more

Jingdong supplier meeting Taobao PPC was dug from pseudo charity

supplier: Ma is not a philanthropist, Liu Qiangdong is not

held yesterday Jingdong mall supplier conference, has become an open platform for its preaching". Even the mall Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong dark banished Taobao, that Jingdong mall will never engage in PPC, and open platform series of preferential policies, but the supplier need to wait and see, after all, the flow distribution and its Jingdong mall platform is still unknown.

at Taobao

in the next ten years, the independent electricity supplier will exceed the platform electricity supplier. Do not look at Taobao now a big, five years later, Jingdong will certainly exceed it." Liu Qiangdong confidently said that e-commerce competition, in the final analysis is the competition of consumer experience. read more

Jingdong billion behind the congregation to raise credit experiment to cultivate electricity supplie

T-shirt, band, crowded venue. November 28th, Jingdong held in 3W cafe in Shenzhen congregation raised bigger conference, the interests of the public to raise the person in charge Gao Hongcai announced on the stage two messages:


, 1 hours before the event began, the Jingdong equity financing platform for the public to raise the total exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the first billion equity raised platform; second, the Jingdong officially launched "raise the customer protection plan", "15 days no reason to return within a year, not only for repair, delayed delivery the different degree will be compensated, or even a full refund. read more

Shop owner in case of refund scam loss of more than ten thousand yuan

Information Times News (reporter Liu Jun Xu Ziqiang correspondent Qiu Su Wu Qiong Yang Minghua) and a new online shopping scam, but this deceived is a careless shop owner! Guangzhou Haizhu police recently destroyed a online shopping refund form shop operators fraud fraud Gang, the gang arrested all 6 suspects in Heilongjiang city of Harbin province. Preliminary uncovered involving the city’s 16 fraud cases. Police advise, as far as possible with the third party platform for online transactions. read more

UNIQLO dressing room Fantasy Subversion of traditional retail to

‘s room today must be overcrowded, as was 315 after exposure by siege of kentucky. The society will never lack the topic, but one was born more than 50 years of Japanese retail chain brand, never thought in such a hippie way today, on the Chinese social network topic list. But thought-provoking is UNIQLO surrounded by topic, become a new offbeat and new retail model.

in this desire to cross the streets of the city, a video once again ignited the illusion of physical business. And this little fire of desire, is enough to witness, business entities to survive in the environment of Internet, the eye of the storm is so lumpy a wind. read more

The new direction of B2C development in the diamond industry under the background of e-commerce

diamond has always been people located in the ranks of luxury, a diamond to reach the hands of consumers, need to go through the mining source, sorting, cutting and grinding, grading by diamond suppliers at all levels are assigned to the jeweler, after one or two agents and sales to consumers, the circulation of such complex the diamond retail prices have been high. In the role of great penetration of e-commerce, the traditional diamond sales industry has begun to test the waters of e-commerce. read more

Do you still have this double 11 Love together 17TV help you take off

do not know from which year, single child died Wang sweet day in Valentine’s accustomed only envy envy hate Festival, Christmas, the majority of single Wang also began to revolt back, have a holiday of their own singles, came into being. The beginning of the day, just a single men and women carnival. As A-Sun in the song sings, carnival, is a group of lonely people! In the small memory, it seems that many people would own when holiday gifts to buy lollipops, don’t know your memory, there is no such thing as read more

O2O Kara community want to knit ground net

lead: Han Jitao appears in the community stores could be the future of community service and traffic entrance node.


electricity supplier company president Han Jitao

A lot of people the impression of Kara

, if still in the name of Kara LOGO streets and lanes convenience store terminal, in fact, Lacarra now has developed into a comprehensive Internet business covers electronic payment, credit, microfinance, financial and other financial companies. In addition, by the end of 2014, Kara began to force the O2O business community. read more

Social electricity supplier, who will become the final winner

  e-commerce has been one of the strongest vitality, the largest scale, the most promising areas of the Internet industry. From a single large Ali; then the group purchase network is flourishing, the explosive growth, the decline of precipitation; to rise now Jingdong, Suning and a number of comprehensive electricity supplier platform as well as a number of vertical growth seems to have filled the domestic demand for electronic business platform. However, the pattern of the Internet is always changing, who knows what day there will not be a 42 dial the role of a thousand pounds. read more