My local rental net realized the first gold payment

    two months ago, in a place called Foshan housing rental network, website network (, at the beginning, because I was working part-time, evenings after work, the dormitory also not line, pre filled information do? I can only choose to find a network in the form of fees part-time help me release information. When there is a certain amount of information, information is updated by myself to do it every morning, a little earlier came to the company, open the computer, and then open the relevant website, open the QQ group, the valuable information released on my website. And then have joined the local rental QQ group, when appropriate AD website advertising. In this way, more and more members of the web day up, the amount of information is also increasing day by day. In the face of such a small initial achievement, I am not satisfied, but insist on my work every day. read more

My industry garbage station

in 2007, many Webmaster Station with a small amount of money, this let me heartache. In order to make money, for the sake of life, I decided to join the ranks of the webmaster. With the help of friends, quickly got the domain name and space. In less than three days, my first dumpster was on the line. But then I was disappointed at the result. As we all know, the garbage dump is a search engine to survive, but my garbage station on-line for more than a month, Baidu is still deaf to my stop. Looking at the poor little IP every day, I was a little desperate. I don’t know SEO, promotion methods said on Admin5 11 tried, but the effect is not ideal, maybe I was too stupid, or I’m not perseverance, in short, the first garbage station, after 1 months of hard life, died. read more

Three major dangers of applying template web sites

rapid development of the Internet, so that enterprises increasingly aware of the importance of network marketing, a time in which a large number of enterprises have website, enterprise website, website template type is accounted for the vast majority, even more than 80%. The network is flooded with a large number of template website, but the website template did not harm attention of enterprise, network marketing consultant Wangzhicheng believes that there are a lot of template website, resulting in similar online stations, similar stations appear constantly, this kind of website security and network marketing effect is a problem, harm in urgent need of enterprises to pay attention to. read more

My network entrepreneurial experience, though hard, never fail

I am 22 years old, is done before picking orders in a logistics company in the home, although very hard, but the salary is sufficient. For their own business, I have always been a desire and not and, had wanted to make their own logistics company, but because of the restriction of various reasons, I gave up the idea, but do a moving company website, silently support those who struggle in the logistics industry friends. I made a moving company’s website now, although the site was not open for more than 2 years! Has been that he is not what successful entrepreneurs, most efforts are a small reptile! Is the encouragement of a friend, let me have the courage to post here to write down their feelings. read more

Using mind mapping to plan website development

in front of articles published in "Wuhan: CBD construction forum to promote the road", the last mentioned using mind map website development planning, it is sorted out, and a thought I made the map out for everyone to look at.

we tend to have a lot of inspiration in our minds. There are different kinds of ideas and ideas about a subject, but these can be messy. With the mind mapping tool, we can record this bit by bit in a chart, and we can move freely in the icons, which makes it easier for us to straighten out the logical relationship between them. Using mind mapping tools to plan the development of a website, using charts to record instantaneous flashes of inspiration, and to assemble and adjust them to form a whole development idea. read more

The stationmaster is always in my heart

station is a special industry, not only because "these two words, webmaster" with the Internet bubble economy in the past, the network has created a large number of network expert, also spawned a large number of young billionaires, the owners live in the underlying network occupation, more and more people to join. It provides convenience for Internet entrepreneurs. The successes of their predecessors also inspire them at all times. Webmaster life is boring and helpless, according to incomplete statistics, in the webmaster circle, most people’s character tends to be introverted, do not love too much communication and contacts with the outside world. Because in his world, the computer is weaving all his dreams. read more

Doing websites is like the end of the year movie box office competition

will be gone in 2008, and new year’s movies are beginning to grab the commanding heights of the box office. At the end of the year, the website will also launch a traffic battle,


"good luck" fired the first shot, "Mei Lanfang", "IP MAN" is the film, "woman is not bad" and then on the file, and then the "If You Are The One"…… The new year file seems a bit crowded. So, in these dazzling new year movies, what would you choose to see in the movie, read more

How is website stationmaster made

The time on the

computer has already shown 4:37. Rubbed my eyes, is not the rest? No, now is not the time to rest, just registered Admin5 ID, must send articles.

in the dead of night, the indestructible light must have been from the stationmaster’s room. In Admin5 also mixed for some time, often anonymous wandering here, watching other people write the post, always can learn a lot of things, network development, website construction, operation, promotion and so on. Let me this small rookie, but also slowly grow wings, looking forward to flying. read more

How are you Pinterest have a website

happened to see the picture on micro-blog, and liked the place in the picture, so he had the impulse to see it. Then I want to see the places I want to see in the wonderful photos, but I can’t go any further. It seems that I should collect them first. But where can I share it better,


first thought is Pinterest class reading a website, but the website seemed to have the main electricity supplier shopping guide. When it comes to picture collection, I think of a web site that I came to contact with a few days ago". read more

It is not difficult to do well in every station

if you want to succeed to do a website, so the simplest is you doing, regardless of your site is collected, or original owners, as long as the intention to do so, the website can definitely succeed! My own website also has 3, 4. But in the heart do not, not halfway off is disabled, you messed up, never really realized their original plan.

, you know, every visitor of yours is purposefully looking for your website. If your website has what they need, then visitors will be reluctant to leave it to your site. If your own heart is not on this site, then why should visitors use their own "heart" to face you this site, read more

16 thanks, let my entrepreneurial road to learn Thanksgiving

my station road will be 5 months, my site can develop so smoothly, there are a lot of friends to help me in this way, it is with their help, I was not so difficult to imagine, because I see the friendship network there today, with a heart of Thanksgiving thanks to their heart.

thanks for "Mac", because one of your articles made me go into the journey of online enterprise, and let me have my first website. Thank you for talking with me and throwing a ray of sunshine on my way from despair to hope. Thank you for your technical guidance, let me in the worry about the program to get rid of the depressed, and have to continue to learn from you. read more

Experience in operating discounted websites (two)

last time we talked about the positioning of the discount network and website construction need to pay attention to several problems, this time I will focus on sharing the discount type website operation mode.

discount network is currently the main use of the following:

1. issued membership cards, membership cards also can be divided into brush magnetic stripe cards and only identification card. The advantages of ordinary membership card is convenient for long-term preservation, convenient use and low cost. The disadvantage is payment difficulties, and now all kinds of people in the wallet card more and more, is not easy to cause the user’s attention on behalf of such wonderful website. Visitors every day discount nets etc.. read more

How about a Yuan Li sheep hot pot

sheep scorpions are more familiar with a gourmet food, of course, it does not refer to the scorpion, but because the shape of the scorpion so called the name. This is a food originated in Kangxi years, is the sheep’s spine, which is nutritious and delicious and loved by people. So the sheep scorpion to join the brand choose what is better? Xiaobian for you to recommend a dollar profit sheep scorpion.

Lee Yuan Yang Xiezai Hot pot has a long history, over the past few decades later, but still is known, and become the majority of consumers to taste the delicacy of the place to be, in Hot pot industry have a pivotal position, the visibility on both sides of the Changjiang River has begun, the franchisee in the strength of the company and the brand influence you can easily earn huge profits, but also a Yuan Li Yang Xiezai also follow the development Hot pot and market demand, to subvert the drawbacks of the traditional hot beverages Hot pot, develop more suitable health consumer tastes Hot pot. Once launched by the majority of diners who love and sought after. Headquarters to support the whole process has become a strong development of franchisees. read more

Examples of how to improve profitability in the mall

Author company has a mall site, after the station, its profitability has not lukewarm not fire. No traffic, the site voted a lot of words advertising; traffic is too expensive, the second half of last year, the station is a lot of major keywords in Baidu’s top three. Other companies in the same industry, many sales and profitability are also good, the drizzle of the mall parking lock, why run difficult? How to break through the predicament, let the mall fast profit, I do is as follows.

, analyze websites and peers read more

Common ways of profit analysis


website is how profitable? How many good profits? If I want to operate a website how to find profit? I am suitable for what kind of website? "Five years ago, I was with this problem from traditional business into the internet…….

believes that this problem is also a large number of Web site operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you. read more

Discussion on Web page width selection

talking about how wide the page should be, it’s a headache. Recently, when designing a home page for a client, the station is an enterprise station. I haven’t touched it yet, so I can only follow what the customer says. Requirements: atmosphere, simplicity, short code, etc.!

I’ve been thinking for a long time. Where should I send the air? Color matching? Framework?…………

my first question was, what exactly is the width definition? Should percentage be specified or PX? Is this that selective problem, Baidu found many comrades engage in web design are the selective problem and head itch! read more

Domain name investment hot spot discussion digital, Pinyin, creative domain name, what is hot


domain name investment ignited the webmaster of the fuse, many owners are holding such an idea into a branch of the webmaster circle — the investment domain, domain name investment has small investment, quick effect, high profit characteristics, so a discussion group has also established a domain name, I received 2 domain name investment group the invitation yesterday, I also joined them, hot inside the webmaster investment in research domain, focus on the "digital domain name, domain name, domain name Pinyin creative" above, many owners are also in the hot questions, domain name investment where read more

Garbage station experiment, one month 6000ip days, income 100 yuan

A 32 page web site do

a month ago, all is Handmade, each page is the target keywords design, mainly for the purpose of the experiment, thought out 20 days, Baidu has not included, thought is the purpose of SEO is to give Baidu too obvious. Filter.

didn’t think, oh, 20 days later put out, the flow in the bottom has been hovering around 1000-2000, and fell into the hundreds, suddenly yesterday according to the 5000Ip, today has steadily increased to 6000ip, and then let the GGAD have a pop, GGAD day was about $10, pop revenue of about 30 yuan, just about 100. Objective to experiment put the window look, Baidu is not really dislike pop, before I put a few stations have been blocked popups or drop right, but some of my friends say and Pop has nothing to do, so one more experiment and practice. read more

Change idea, do stationmaster is not difficult actually

Is it difficult for

to be a webmaster,


do so difficult really? Found more and more Internet opportunities too much! Many are not done! Do not insist, this is the most deadly, concentrate on doing, concentrate on to think, you will become more and more professional, from the layman expert from the Pauper the rich


opportunities, who can encounter? Of course, everyone can, do not believe you recall the past, whether or not sigh that they did not do what?

seize the opportunity to do, and insist on doing it, there is a successful day, if everyone does it, it is not an opportunity, read more

How does a car product website improve its sales

I have a number of automotive products in the hands of the site, including shopping malls, enterprise stations and investment sites. Based on the experience of this year, and at the same time, a careful analysis of competitors, automotive products such as the site quickly improve its sales, the following views.

1. Layout the site

according to the user groupThe role of

website is to undertake the flow, and make the greatest efforts to flow into real gold and silver. The author of the three parking locks web site because of its different user groups, its template selection, site layout is slightly different. read more